Keynote Speakers

Academic Director Dr. iur. Dr. phil. Franz-Rudolf Herber
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg; Germany

Franz-Rudolf Herber

Academic Director Dr. iur. Dr. phil. Franz-Rudolf Herber is a German lawyer and philologist. At Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg he teaches inter alia road law, public service law, liability of public authorities and cross-curriculum interrelations between law and language as well as between law and literature. He disposes of great international experience in international negotiations that he acquired during his long-standing occupation in the German Ministry of Transport. His strong personal belief is that the transport sector is universal and overriding borders. Franz-Rudolf Herber is the editor of a compendium on German road law and the editor of a collection of German and European rules on road traffic law. He is publishing in German language and English language; furthermore, he is publishing in Latin language that is not bound to the borders of a particular country. His political vision is that all people are equal and that the protection of nature is a universe responsibility.

Professor Dr Sulun Evinc Torlak
Pamukkale University, Turkey

Sulun Evinc Torlak

Prof. Torlak graduated from METU Faculty of Architecture in 1980 and she completed master degree at the same Department in 1983. Her dissertation was on "Urban Design". Her Ph.D degree was conferred by Ankara University Faculty of Political Science in 1999. Her Ph.D dissertation was about “Political Effect on City Structure". During PHD program she succeeded to get a grant from TUBA and studied in INLOGOV - an Institution of Birmingham University.  Prof. Torlak got a scholarship from the JICA and stayed in Japan and conducted several researches in terms of environmental issues. Prof. Torlak has been working at Pamukkale University in the department of Political Science and Public Administration since 2003. During this period, she served as a head of the department and also a founder dean of the Architectural Faculty. In her academic life, Prof. Torlak worked at some of the universities as a visiting scholar such as Rotterdam and Bishop Universities.  Prof. Torlak has many articles, books chapter and books in the academic field of Environmental Issues, Urban Planning, City Structure and Analysis.

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